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 I am not afraid of a challenge whether artistic, material or project size / depth. I have been asked to do everything from computer flight simulation, computer / game animation, branding for city-wide events, set design, costume design, to custom small handcrafted gold and silver jewelry, paintings, murals, logos, illustration, photography … I understand the creative climate of community and culture. I have worked alone and in large committees. There is a exciting energy working with a group. There are no substitutes for the creative energy, competition and out-of-the-box brain- storming. Having worked with and for large, small, creative and not-so-creative groups, I have learned a unique skill set for designing with a group of peoples’ interests and ideas, creating a result on which everyone likes and agrees. I also have a lot of experience as an Independent Non-Profit Organizational Branding and Management Volunteer
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CautionWetCement.com Commercial Graphics and Design Business Giving people the look they wish to achieve for their business or event is my ultimate goal, Everything from a sophisticated city wide festival branding, creating a web presences on the internet, to (obnoxiously) cute animals and everything in between ArtWithDog.com Design (shop) Company with my daughter. Making people happy is our ultimate goal. Nature and Science are Our inspiration, to add Fun and Inspiration to Every Day, Attitude and Life in General is our goal Created to spread joy, color and happiness. I am truly honored when someone buys something I have designed to add something special to their everyday life. TeePosies.com the Golf-side of ARTwithDOG.com Because we just can’t help ourselves. We love golf and just want to make it an even happier experience when you play. ArtDogPhotography.com Photography Portfolio
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